The Odyssey, Book 7

Odyssey71 Odyssey72 Odyssey73 Odyssey74 Odyssey75 There is a lot of talking in Book 7. However, it also marks the end of this episode: Odysseus’ travel from Ogygia to Phaeacia – he is almost home. Now comes the fun bit… 😉

The Odyssey, Book 6


Ody61 Ody62 Ody63 Ody64

The Odyssey, Book 6. Lots of talking and cultural detail, especially about women. And subtext.

The Odyssey, Book 5

odyssey5part1 odyssey5part2 odyssey5part3 odyssey5part4


So, time to get started on that GCSE revision! I hope this is still fun to read, despite being aimed at my students and what they need to know about this chapter for the exam.